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Your Personal Salsa Dance Coach In Orange County!
Marcelo Rivero's Salsa Dance Lessons in O.C.

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About Marcelo Rivero's Salsa Dance Lessons in O.C.
Wish you can improve your salsa dancing?

I teach and unteach, train and untrain motivated beginners
to experienced dancers better understand, attain, express
and experience this dance to another level.

Salsa dancing is a very energetic, sexy and fun dance.
It's definitely a skill to learn that comes with many
health benefits.

Ultimately, salsa isn't just a fun dance full of complicated
movements, but one of many artistic vehicles to physically
express an honest emotional expression of the soul.

My passion and expertise is helping bridge that gap for my
students while guaranteeing their results!


"I wanted to drop you a quick note of gratitude. I really enjoyed taking your workshop. I'm so lucky to have found a dedicated and patient instructor like you. I find myself filled with more confidence when I step out on the dance floor. You should see me dance now! Thanks again for making dancing more fun.
-- Nora A., Redondo Beach (Regional White House/Black Market Retail Manager)

"Recently worked with Marcelo at an advanced level and was able to make great strides forward with my traveling turns, spins, foot placement and hip/leg turnout, proper body placement, expression, movement and styling. Social dancing improved immensely!"
-- K. Simpson., San Clemente (Casino rueda instructor)

"You are an excellent instructor! You are patient, dedicated, and concerned about the student's learning process. Thank you for taking time to explain the timing and rhythm in each motion. Your respect for and understanding of the student's apprehensions is
much appreciated. Thanks. -- Sepi , Newport Beach


I do teach regular group salsa classes from time to time, but I choose to invest my time with what gives greater benefit and accomplishment to my students & I. And that is: one-on-one's, semi-privates and niche workshops.

So if haven't heard of me yet, or if you have but not seen many of my classes over the years, that's why. Quality is more important to me than quantity. There are plenty of instructors teaching plenty of group salsa classes and I do recommend them, whether I have group class myself or not.

Therefore, with my teaching style, patience, confidence and pride in my work, I do what 95% of other instructors and ballroom studios don't do -- and that's promising an up-front satisfaction guarantee (see Q & A for details). I'm not saying I'm the best, but I am an expert on what I know and how to help others with it. Consider me your "Salsa Life Coach."
Personal Salsa Lessons - private or simi-private for the beginner to advanced. As well as salsa dance training for the novice or experienced dancer who picked up bad habits or has bad technique.

Beginner Argentine Tango Lessons.

Salsa Choriography - putting a routine together from scratch or improving and refining an exsiting routine.

Wedding 1st dance package - includes teaching actual steps to bride & groom, custom choriography and custom edited salsa song on a CD to keep.

Salsa Performance - a 2-3min. routine by me and a partner.

Party Package - a 2-3min. salsa performance (myself & partner) and a 1hr. group salsa lesson for participating guests.
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Costa Mesa/Irvine/Newport/Laguna/HB, CA 92626
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Phone: 714.585.7344
Fax: 714.884.3274

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